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Benefits of Computer AMC

Do you picture your company operating without technology? without utilising a firewall, computer, or the internet? The current state of affairs has made computers and IT peripherals such an integral part of daily life that even a brief period of downtime can have a significant negative impact on productivity. A unexpected system failure may be disastrous. It appears to be impossible to function without them. Our computers and their components are covered by warranties. You require an IT expert or computer support services to fix any faults or breakdowns once the warranty period has passed.

Nowadays, people invest a lot of resources—money, time, and effort—in planning and building beautiful, modern offices. To keep your business functioning and to get the most out of your employees' productivity, it is equally crucial to safeguard your office's physical infrastructure and its contents against any disturbance brought on by malfunctions. Therefore, to ensure that your business runs well, you should think about hiring an internal IT team or signing annual maintenance contracts (AMCs).

What is Annual Maintenance Contract ?

The AMC is a yearly agreement made with an AMC service provider for normal upkeep at a predetermined cost that is re-uppable every year. Having a PC AMC provider is a terrific way to tackle server difficulties, computer problems, laptop problems, printer problems, and network security concerns if you manage a small or mid-sized business. These technical support services also keep an eye on your network and PCs on a regular basis to keep them operating smoothly.

AMCs are usually of two types

• Comprehensive AMC

• Non-comprehensive AMC

Comprehensive AMCs : Are pricey because service and replacement of spare components are included in comprehensive contracts at no additional expense. A comprehensive AMC covers all necessary work, labour, servicing, transportation of equipment, and spare parts. the obligation to keep the equipment in top condition.

Non-comprehensive AMC: A non-inclusive service agreement only applies to those services for which we bill you for the M/C maintenance work we performed on-site at your business. The client is responsible for covering any additional costs that emerge during the maintenance process. In summary, routine maintenance is done, however replacement of spare parts carries a cost.

A computer AMC service offers multiple types of IT support options such as software support, hardware support, operating system support, antivirus support, printer support, firewall support, network support and much more. There are many benefits of computer AMC if you avail it from a trusted Managed It support provider.

Benefits of Computer AMC

• Pay once and avail the services numerous times during the year

• Beats the need of searching for a new technician each time

• Regular service and maintenance

• Benefit of having a IT Team just like in house IT Team who understands your business needs

• Keeps your systems up to date & running

• Cuts down the IT Infrastructure costs

We recognise the necessity for exceptional IT solutions and services in today's technologically dependent environment. Because of this, we offer service-focused IT services and management to help your business expand and flourish.

Smartnetic Services is one of the best Computer AMC Provider in Pune, With our specialized team of IT support engineers having wide experience, we provide best Managed IT Services & Annual Maintenance Contract services for Small & medium business. Our onsite support & remote support option allows you to get your problems rectified in a matter of minutes while you focus on running your business.

Here are few reasons why your business needs Computer AMC services by Smartnetic Services

• By performing routine maintenance checks, Smartnetic Services AMC Service makes sure that your PCs, printers, and network are operating at peak performance.

• We use genuine and OEM parts.

• We have a committed group of trained IT specialists and technicians who are knowledgeable about how every server, desktop, firewall, laptop, and computer accessory brands operate.

• The technical support staff at Smartnetic Services guarantees that the issue will be fixed shortly after being reported.

• Smartnetic Services ensures that your computers are protected from unauthorized access, malwares, virus, thus protecting your sensitive data from being corrupted.

• Smartnetic Service`s AMC provides a cost-effective AMC solution for all your infrastructure problems.

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